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Welcome to the African Heritage Project.

Our goal is to provide a portal for telling and sharing the stories of the peoples of Africa and their journeys across the globe. We hope we can help preserve some of the most important heritage of the peoples of the motherland, their beliefs, cultures, languages and humanity.

This ia volunteer driven project, and we welcome and appreciate your contributions of time, talent and treasure to help us preserve the heritage of the original people of the world.

Volunteer for us

We are seeking volunteers for various open positions to help us make the next leap.

  • Country Editors
  • Sitewide Copy Editor
  • Article Contributor
  • Religion Editor
  • Ethno Editor
  • Food and Culture Editor
  • Historical Figures Scholar
  • Historical borders Scholar
  • Trade and Economics Scholar
  • PHP Developer
  • Graphics Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Mediawiki Engineer
  • Media Engineer
  • Infrastructure Analyst

If you wish to volunter, send us a note by completing the following form:

Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o

A Taste of African Music

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